Nestled on the serene shores of a pristine mountain lake in the Adirondacks, Camp Chateaugay has been a cherished “home away from home” for campers aged 7-17 since 1946.

Our mission is simple yet profound—to provide a safe, supportive, and non-competitive community where kids thrive in what matters to them. We focus not only on essential life skills like effective communication and self-reliance, but also on creating a space for laughter, play, and growth.

Take a glimpse, and you’ll find a co-ed, traditional sleep-away camp that values building independence, self-confidence, and deep friendships. We offer a mix of world-class training in various activities while ensuring the fun and creation of lifelong memories.

With over 250 acres, 25+ cabins, and 60+ electives, Camp Chateaugay is a place where there’s always something new to try. Yet, what truly makes us unique is our emphasis on people—where campers from all over the world forge new and lasting friendships.

Campers experience traditional outdoor activities, guided by counselors and specialists who become mentors akin to older siblings. Our owner, living on-site with family, leads the way to an emotionally and physically safe summer filled with fun and adventure.

Beyond the myriad of skills learned, we emphasize the importance of “people skills” like friendship, cooperation, and acceptance. Yes, tennis backhands may improve, and water skiing milestones may be achieved, but more importantly, campers return home as the best versions of themselves. Camp Chateaugay – where the focus is on the simple joys of camp life and the connections that truly matter.

Dates for Summer 2024:
First Session: June 27th, 2024 – July 21st, 2024
Second Session: July 21st, 2024 – August 13th, 2024
Full Summer: June 27th, 2024 – August 13th, 2024

Camp Chateaugay
233 Gadway Road
Merrill, NY 12955

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  1. 5
    Ms KG Submission Mar 06, 2024

    Our son adored camp

    Our son adored camp, and we’re so grateful!

  2. 5
    Mr JB Submission Mar 06, 2024

    Camp Chateaugay Rocks!

    Camp Chateaugay Rocks!

  3. 5
    Ms NB Submission Mar 06, 2024

    Our kids love it there

    Keep it up!! Our kids love it there. They want to keep coming forever :)

  4. 5
    Mr MK Submission Mar 06, 2024

    Our daughter had an AMAZING time!

    Our daughter had an AMAZING time!!! The team at Chateaugay is absolutely wonderful. She loved the activities. Love the counselors. And especially loved her Unit Leader, who is a gift to this world. Great experience.

  5. 5
    Ms CP Submission Mar 06, 2024

    We love camp chateaugay!

    We love camp chateaugay!

  6. 5
    Ms ADD Submission Mar 06, 2024

    Our daughter had a blast

    Our daughter had a blast. The Wilderness program was truly exceptional.

  7. 5
    Ms LI Submission Mar 06, 2024

    Another amazing summer

    Another amazing summer with friends and cousins

  8. 4
    Ms AS Submission Mar 06, 2024

    Girls came back beaming with happiness and confidence

    Girls came back beaming with happiness and confidence and increased independence and full of memories and stories. What more could we ask for?

  9. 5
    Ms RL Submission Mar 06, 2024

    We love Camp Chateaugay!

    My children's favorite part of camp is getting to try new activities and further developing friendships from last year/making new friends. We love Camp Chateaugay!

  10. 5
    Ms KM Submission Mar 06, 2024

    Great friendships were built

    The offerings are fantastic, and our son had a wonderful summer. We loved seeing him step into a major role in the first session play, and he poured a lot of himself into getting better at waterskiing and working on glass-blowing. He continued to build on the great friendships he's developed over the past few summers.

  11. 5
    Ms NF Submission Mar 06, 2024

    The counselors this year were excellent

    The counselors this year were excellent.

  12. 5
    Ms RK Submission Mar 06, 2024

    Our children experienced so much growth while at camp

    Our children experienced so much growth while at camp. Especially with our daughter, she came home with confidence, feeling really good about who she is and this was a great basis for conversation about what she loves about herself at camp and how she can maintain those things during the year. Our son is also all "filled up" with love from good friends and counselors and confidence that is fortifying him as he navigates the first weeks of high school.

  13. 5
    Ms JL Submission Mar 06, 2024

    All around a success!

    My daughter can home feeling positive and good about herself and her summer. All around a success!

  14. 5
    Mr MJ Submission Mar 06, 2024

    Our son matured at camp

    Our son was willing to participate in the musical - he’d never been willing to be on stage before, so this was real growth. In general he matures a lot when he is at camp, due in part to the independence he gets.

  15. 5
    AB Submission Mar 06, 2024

    Making lifelong friends

    The counselors were excellent and the Unit Leader made sure we all had a great time. My son felt very connected to his cabin mates and wants to be lifelong friends with them.

  16. 5
    Ms KS Submission Mar 06, 2024

    Loved it!

    My daughter loved it!

  17. 5
    Ms AL Submission Mar 06, 2024

    More independent

    After getting home from camp my daughter seems more independent and sure of herself.

  18. 5
    Ms AK Submission Mar 06, 2024

    Can't wait to come back

    My daughter came home happy, polite, compliant and overall wonderful. She made new friends, learned a lot and can’t wait to come back.

  19. 5
    Ms DW Submission Mar 06, 2024

    The BEST time

    My kids enjoyed every single minute! They had the BEST time!

  20. 5
    Ms ST Submission Mar 06, 2024


    All counselor were AWESOME!! Camp helped my daughter to be more assertive and built her self confidence.

  21. 5
    Ms BP Submission Mar 06, 2024

    The most transformative year

    Liam had the most transformative year ever.

  22. 5
    Ms SJ Submission Mar 06, 2024

    My son does not stop talking about camp

    My son is so happy. He does not stop talking about camp, and wants to keep in touch with others.

  23. 5
    Ms M C Submission Mar 06, 2024

    My son became more independent

    My son matured a lot, became more independent

  24. 5
    Ms K H Submission Mar 06, 2024

    Thank You!

    They loved it all. The special days were very memorable. Thank you!!

  25. 5
    Mr RL Submission Mar 06, 2024

    We loved that she was learning from amazing role models.

    Camp has been a great bridge to new middle school building skills in making friends, the right friends, staying out of the wrong kind of drama, developing confidence in herself, and learning to deal with adversity and perceived unfairness and rising above it. More over, being able to let loose and have fun after a difficult few years was so important. We loved that she was learning from amazing role models.

    This is camp chateaugay at its apex, really the best summer ever, Mitch is taking it to new heights. I'm so amazed how you guys are really in tune with so many people. Bravo.

    My daughter's favorite things at camp are the love and friendship, hugs, building confidence, being outdoors, and the theatre program.

  26. 5
    Ms C D Submission Mar 06, 2024


    Amazing communication and attention to the campers.

  27. 5
    Mr A R Submission Mar 05, 2024

    LOVED camp and will be returning

    When I first met with Mitch online to discuss camp for my child I knew it was the right fit. Mitch has a great and nurturing personality. Thank you so much for giving my daughter this amazing and life changing experience. She LOVED camp and will be returning. My suggestion - NINE WEEKS OF A FULL SUMMER CAMP!!! Not just 7!!!!

    In terms of personal growth, the experience was BEYOND! More mature, more refined social skills; The camp experience cannot be replicated. It was transformative for my daughter.

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