Book your summer camp now

Don’t leave it too late to book your summer camp. You certainly don’t want to miss a place on the one that your child has their heart set on, or the one that you think will be the perfect choice.

Whilst most camps don’t open enrolment until late winter/early spring, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do your research before then. Booking up quickly has many benefits – here are some reasons to secure your place now for this summer.

  1. You can prepare your child properly by introducing them to all that will be taking place during camp. It also gives your child time to adjust to the idea of staying overnight somewhere different, if it’s a sleepaway camp.
  2. You can spread the finances. Summer camp can be expensive – you may be able to make use of an early bird registration at a reduced cost, or booking your place early gives you time to research and secure any potential scholarships or grants. If no funding is available, booking early will give you time to put the money aside before the camp starts.
  3. Booking early gives you the best choice of camp. There are thousands out there, and finding the right one for your child may take time. Go along to the camp fairs if any are taking place near you, or head along to any open days. It is a great way to evaluate what the camp can offer to benefit your child.

Book your summer camp now – check out all of the listings that we have on Cool Kids Camps >>

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